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Cold and paralyzing shivers


As I prepared to leave the university, I was stopped dead in my tracks when a sudden cold and paralyzing shiver ran down my spine. The temperature outside was well in the negative digits, but that alone did not account for how extremely painful this sensation was. It felt more like a small dagger entered my flesh at the neck, and was brought down to my lower back at great speed. I noticed the absence of a stream of blood, which made me think that somebody had to be messing with me from a distance. Actually, I’m no stranger to putting a curse on others, as it is a very effective tool in extracting information from the enemy. Hate it when I have to do that, but it does work. Many of those whom I so cursed described the sensation as being similar to what I just experienced.

So I started going over it in my head: who could be the one who had set out for revenge? More importantly, how would I find this evildoer and put a stop to him? It was more than obvious to me I was going to need some assistance in tracking this person down. Luckily, the university has access to an abundance of tools, books and devices that should aid me in my search, and as such, I remained a while longer. Said devices, books and tools bore fruit almost immediately, when I came upon one name in particular, a man who was referred to only as Dragov. I never learnt his last name (or whether Dragov was his real name, for that matter,) because I never really cared to ask once I had gotten what I needed from him. At any rate, I knew now where he was last seen, in the lake-village of Blueheim, and also knew at least two people there acquainted with this man. I grabbed my cloak and made haste, but again, when I was running down the stairs I was halted by a cold and paralyzing shiver, this one even more intense than the last. Nearly made me fall down the flight of stairs, too. I had to press on, though, as I knew that if I didn’t kill Dragov, things would only get worse and worse.

The short journey to Blueheim was rather uneventful, fortunately, and despite my expectations, more shivers never interrupted it. Luck, like lightning, never strikes me twice – as I soon learned that Dragov was no longer present, or so my two informants made me believe. I wasn’t sure I could full well trust them, as much as I wanted to, as they appeared very uncomfortable to me when I spoke with them. I’d figured Dragov would know I was on my way to find him, and maybe he threatened these two to keep them from revealing his whereabouts. Therefore I set out to scour the village, and asked every resident if they knew someone fitting his description, but this endeavour proved futile. I sank down, broken, into a rickety chair at the local tavern with unpleasantly warm ale on the table. At this precise moment, a cold and paralyzing shiver shocks me once more. I feel as if unable to catch my breath, and looking down, I notice an increasingly large pool of blood gathering below me, with a small dagger beside it. Life is escaping my body, my soul abandons me, and I know I am to be no more.

A man with a massive grin on his face is now standing over the lifeless body, and the room is filled with a joy that hasn’t been felt here in years.

“Gotcha, you crazy bastard!”

“What do we do with the corpse, Dragov?”

“Burn it. Make sure he’ll never rise again. Pack it up, boys… The last evil is vanquished today, and an era of peace we once knew can finally return to Blueheim. I suppose we can finally get back our university, as well.”


From → Fantasy

  1. Shiver permalink

    Once again i am amazed.
    Like struck by lightning.
    It’s a rather cruel story, but then again it might be worth the sacrifice.
    One can only hope never to encounter with Dragov.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I really enjoy looking at on this site, it contains great content .

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