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When night walks over man, welcomed is deep rest
Fall now into your bed, relieve a breath from chest
Fade away in happy dreams, vigilance no more
Well-earned is this sleep, closed thy bedroom door

Yet beyond heavy doors, my soul gives a shout
Taunted by ghost of dreams, I hear him call out
Sleep I could not find, nor do I find it now
My body inanimate, mind yet wakes somehow

The more you wish it, the farther it stays
And you are left behind, in a paralyzed haze
Sweet sleep please tell me, do I not earn you too
What could I have done, that this I must go through

Twist and turn but no, the hour is now such
Even if I should sleep, it will not help too much
So I lay and ponder, deep into the night
Until once more dawns, upon my face the light

To no avail I rise, eyes as if inflamed
Legs unable to move, arms as if were maimed
Once more as evermore, hope is laid at bay
Yet kept alive with thoughts, allowed a life this day


From → Poetry

  1. Thanks for your post, it was interesting and compelling. I have found my way here through Google, I will get back once more 🙂

  2. fromthericefields permalink

    Nice Poetry!

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