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Obligatory Introductory Bloginary Postage


Hello and welcome, to this very special recently made blog.

Instead of dancing around it for a little while, I’ll just state my intentions for this blog right away, and leave all the dancing to the upcoming posts. This here blog is meant mainly as an exercise method in writing skills, and also happens to serve as a spot to — I was going to say dump, but that’s not a very friendly tone with which to start out towards an audience that doesn’t even know you’re there yet. Alright, let’s say… vent, instead. So, yes, this would be pretty much a win-win…-win for me. One, I get to practice writing, two, I get to practice English (for it is not my mother tongue, and I also happen to be a student of the language, currently), and three, I get a nice, cozy place in which to vent my more random pieces of writing, that sit on the border between legitimacy and rambling. Enjoy your stay.

Let’s see what this blog can do for me, shall we?


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  1. Ja hoor, ja. Zie onderzijde. permalink

    I fucking like zhe bong. Good luck keeping this up-to-date!

  2. onlyfragments permalink

    ”Blogging for the hell of it!” is the best reason for blogging ever. 🙂

  3. Kodiak permalink

    What a surprise.
    I must say it is rather interesting stuff to read.
    Think come back more often to see if you make any progress.
    Well till we meet again

  4. betsie permalink

    Well, what can I say? Didn’t know we had a genius in the family! I’m downright flabbergasted. It’s a great wake up call: underneath that long hair there’s brains! And lots of it. Your poem is beautiful. And the stories are intriguing. Needed a dictionary, once or twice. Good God!

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